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Gardeners for God


Sunday, September 19th

Today will be a special worship service planned by some members of the Creative worship team.  We hope that you will make a special effort to attend or watch this service that will include some additional elements that will add to the sermon.  The sermon is titled “Gardener’s for God”, scripture verses of Matthew 13:1-9.   To get yourself in the mood, you may wish to read the scripture ahead of time and also to listen to one of the songs that will be played that day, “Word of God Speak” by Mercy Me.  Click here to view.  

"Gardeners for God"

It is often puzzling to understand why our best efforts to share the Gospel with friends, family, and acquaintances  often fail to change hearts and minds. Why doesn't everyone want the blessings of eternal life and a relationship with Christ?  Surprisingly, even the disciples were not able to convince everyone that they spoke with to receive the Gospel.  What stood in their way?  Today with the help of the Creative Worship Team, we will become "Gardeners for the Gospel" as we learn why some soil doesn't produce a harvest. We will also learn about the best kind of soil in which to cultivate and grow followers of Jesus.   

Upcoming Series: "Be Anxious for Nothing" God’s Plan for Managing Change | September-October 2021


Sunday, September 26th

“Be Anxious for Nothing” God’s Plan for Managing Change Week #1

Scripture text: Philippians 4:4-7

In this passage, we have two of the most difficult commands in the Bible:  First, rejoice in everything and second, Be anxious for nothing.  When life seems full of anxiety-producing change,  how is it possible that anyone could live this way? Today and over the next four weeks, we will learn God’s plan for managing the changes that bring stress and anxiety into our life and how to overcome both.     

Sunday, October 3rd

Special Guest Speaker Rev. Durke Donelson

Stay tuned for more information! 

Sunday, October 10th

“Be Anxious for Nothing” God’s Plan for Managing Change Week #2

Scripture text: Romans 8:28

Change is happening all the time.  And everyone knows that not all change is good.  How do we maintain belief in a good God when God allows “not so good” changes to come into our life?  What are the promises that will carry us through all change—both good and bad? Join us this Sunday to learn another step in God’s plan for managing change.   

Sunday, October 17th

“Be Anxious for Nothing” God’s Plan for Managing Change Week #3

Scripture text: 2 Corinthians 10:5

What are the thought patterns that increase your worry?  All of us carry unhealthy and untrue assumptions about ourselves that can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression to take hold. Many of these false beliefs were formed in the early years of life before we knew the Truth of how much we are loved by God.  How do we correct these faulty thought patterns and replace them with the Truth?    

Sunday, October 24th

“Be Anxious for Nothing” God’s Plan for Managing Change Week #4

Scripture texts: Matthew 6:33-34 and Exodus 16:4-5

The greatest antidote to anxiety is day to day living. Worry about the future is wasted worry. All it does is create too heavy  of a burden today.   When we try to worry about tomorrow’s trouble today, we will become overwhelmed. But when we learn to deal with today’s problems today and tomorrow’s problems tomorrow, we will be given the strength we need—every day.    

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